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NMFI has a philosophy of investing in businesses and assets through proper planning and analysis.

Our team has built a portfolio that includes real estate,transportation,ecommerce. NMFI was established in 2019 and has grown since.

Our Services

Our Investments

NMFI strives for growth through thoughtful planning.


Our rental fleets provides safe and reliable transportation to our clients. Affordable and reasonable in price.

EV Charging

The EV Charging market has boomed with increasing demand due to the need for EV vehicles.


Ecommerce has created opportunities for NMFI to expand into different markets domestically and internationally.

Real Estate

We value Real Estate as a integral part of our portfolio. Our trusted analysis combines years of experience.


"NMFI is easy to work with, they have helped our business tremendously"

Joseph Ambriglia
Chairman, The Dodd Group

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